Dr. Virendra P Singh

Chairman & Founding Partner
Advisor & Distinguished Professor, Universities & Business Schools
Phone: +919811226939

Dr. V P Singh Top human capital leader with over 4 decades of industry and academia experience and proven credentials for building process-driven, people-centric & customer-focused organizations. Has had outstanding record in diverse organizations including Vizag Steel Plant, Escorts JCB, Escorts Corporate, RJ Corp, Patanjali Group etc. Currently, Dr. Singh is Advisor, Dr. K N Modi University & Dr. KN Modi Foundation, besides being guest faculty in scores of premium management institutes including IIMs and universities.

Dr. Singh is a Certified Executive & Life Coach. He is the inspiration behind Mantrana endeavour, along with Dr. Anand Prakash & Yoganand (Raghu) Sinha, besides having mentored hundreds of HR professionals in the country.